Whoopin' Weekend

Whoopin' Weekend 


What is Whoopin' Weekend?

The Whoopin' Weekend Conference is a three day program in the spring semester where high school students get a first hand look of what Texas A&M University is all about. Participants get the opportunity to take part in discussion groups with members of the Aggie Recruitment Committee, as well as connect with other high school students from across the nation. In addition to discussion groups, participants will also get the chance to be a part of a mixer, receive valuable information about majors, and spend a couple of nights in the residence halls with current students to get the full experience of what it is like to be an Aggie. Whoopin' Weekend has helped create many friendships and new contacts for participants to help them with the transition from high school to college.
Family members, along with the participants, are invited to join us for informational presentations on admissions, residence life, financial aid, Traditions Council, and a session with a student panel. The participants will attend a tailgate event hosted by the Aggie Recruitment Committee and watch a Texas A&M sports event.  Students must attend the ENTIRE conference.  
As a Whoopin' Weekend participant, you will participate in (among other things): Fightin' Texas Aggie sports event, a tour of the A&M campus and its renowned facilities, residence life, discussion group time with current students, and sitting in on an A&M class.

Guest speakers will include persons from the departments of: Admissions/Financial Aid, Residence Life, Traditions Council, and the Corps of Cadets.

Historically, the cost to attend Whoopin' Weekend has been $180. This price includes housing, food, a ticket to a sporting event, t-shirts, and conference packets. 

Whoopin' Weekend 2016 Registration

Registration for Whoopin' Weekend 2016 will be open January 22 from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. Help will be available from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. by phone or email.

Sample Whoopin' Weekend Schedule* 

8:00-9:00am            Registration
8:00-9:15                College Fair/Class Signups
9:15-9:30                DG Time
9:30-11:00              Mini Welcome/Informational
9:30-9:40                WW Conference Welcome
9:40-9:50                Rules Presentation
9:50-10:20              Admissions/Financial Aid
10:20-10:35             Housing
10:35-10:50            Transportation Service
10:50-11:00             Parent Dismissal/Get ready for Lunch
11:00-12:00            Transition to Parent’s Program
11:00-11:30             Speaker
11:30-12:00             Student Panel for Parents
11:00-11:20             Travel to Simpson Drill Field (Participants)
11:20-12:00              Lunch
12:00-12:20             Travel back to MSC
12:20-1:30               Official Welcome/ Intros
12:20-12:25             WW Conference Welcome
12:25-12:35             Exec Intro     
12:35-12:50             DG Intros
12:50-1:00               DG Olympics Explanation
1:00-1:30                 DG Olympics-Activity 1
1:30-1:50                 Travel to Class
1:50-2:40                 Class
2:40-3:00                 Travel to MSC
3:00-3:50                 DG Olympics-Activity 2
3:50-4:00                 Get Ready for Campus Tour
4:00-5:15                 Campus Tour
5:15-5:30                 Travel to MSC
5:30-6:00                 Speaker
6:00-7:00                 Dinner
7:00-7:15                 Skits
7:15-7:25                 Travel to MSC 2400
7:25-7:40                 Yell Practice
7:40-8:40                 Performance Groups
8:40-9:40                 Student Panel
9:40-9:55                 Get Ready for Luau
9:55-10:50                Luau
10:50-11:40              DG Olympics-Activity 3
11:40                       Break into Host Groups
8:30-9:00                 Participants Check-In
9:00-9:45                 Breakfast
9:45-10:00                DG Time
10:00-11:15              MSC Tour
11:15-11:30              Travel to Conference Room
11:30-12:00              Team Building
12:00-12:15              Basketball Etiquette
12:15-1:15                Performance Groups
1:15-2:15                  Lunch
2:15-2:45                  Travel to Rec
2:45-3:45                  Rec Tours
3:45-3:55                  Travel to Tailgate
3:55-5:10                  Tailgate
3:55-4:55                  Tailgate Activities
4:55-5:10                  DG Time (Discuss basketball rules)
5:10-5:30                  Travel to Reed Arena/ Be seated
5:30-6:00                  Be Seated and enjoy pre-game show
6:00-8:30                  Basketball Game
8:30-9:00                  Travel to MSC
9:00-9:50                  Dinner
9:40-9:55                  Skits
9:55-10:05                Travel to MSC 2400/2401
10:05-11:20               Mixer
11:20                        Release for Hosts
8:15-8:45                  Participants Check-In
8:45-9:15                  Breakfast
9:15-9:55                  Speaker
9:55-10:15                 DG Time
10:15-11:15               DG Skits
11:15-11:30               SlideShow
11:30-12:10               DG Time/Check Out
*Schedule subject to Change

Upcoming Events

Registration for Whoopin' Weekend 2016: Friday, September 2nd

SEAL 2016: November 18th-20th

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