The Aggie Recruitment Committee (ARC) is a completely student-run committee within the Texas A&M Student Government Association dedicated to recruiting outstanding, diverse Aggies. That goal is realized through two conferences-one held during each academic semester, and also by visiting high schools during winter vacation.

SEAL Conference 2014

SEAL Conference will take place on Friday, October 31st through Sunday, November 2nd. Registration is now closed.


Here is all the information you need to become a host for Aggie Recruitment Committee! 

Thank you for considering hosting for Aggie Recruitment Committee. Without your help, our mission of recruiting future Aggies would not be possible. Hosting is a fun and easy way to spread your Aggie spirit to high school juniors and seniors. As a host, you will allow one or two high school students to spend two nights in your dorm room, in order to give them the experience of living in a college dorm. By hosting these high school students for our conference, they will gain an experience that is truly unique, and you will be able to make a positive impact and help in adding to our Aggie family. 

Qualifications for Hosting:

  1. You must live on campus.
  2. You must be in good standing with the university.
  3. You must pass a standard background check.
  4. You must fill out the host application.
  5. You must complete the Child Protection Training.
  6. You must attend the MANDATORY host training meeting.




-Child Protection Training

-Background check (given through an email from Texas A&M Human Resources)



Sunday, October 12 at 7 PM in MSC 2502


Tuesday, October 14 at 8:30 PM in MSC 2502.

If you cannot attend either meeting, contact me!



Host Application

This opportunity is open for all ON CAMPUS Aggies to host high school seniors interested in becoming Aggies. SEAL is a conference put on by the Aggie Recruitment Committee that provides a chance for these students to see what goes on at A&M and to experience a snapshot of Aggie life.


As a host your responsibilities are to:

(1) attend a mandatory host training meeting,

(2) provide a place for up to two participants to stay during the conference in your on campus residence,

(3) be in your residence room when the participants are dropped off at night,

(4) escort the participants to the designated meeting spot in the morning, and

(5) share your Aggie stories with future members of the Aggie family!


SEAL Weekend is October 31-November 2!

Please be sure that you and your roommate read and agree to the following guidelines before signing and returning this application. 

The information provided below will be used to screen for criminal convictions.  Your employment or volunteer participation in any Texas A&M University program is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of a background screening.  Individuals who have been convicted of a sexual offense are not eligible to serve in an employment or volunteer capacity for TAMU affiliated camps or enrichment programs in positions responsible for the direct or indirect supervision of campers or program participants, or which may allow for unsupervised access to, or interaction with, campers or program participants.

Background checks will be required in order to host. An email will be sent out with instructions on how to do this.


VISITING PARTICIPANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED OFF CAMPUS FOR ANY REASON!  No participant, committee member, or host will be allowed to consume alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products at any time during the conference. They will be required to attend all SEAL activities; therefore, it is important that you drop them off and pick them up at the designated times.  A schedule of the activities and more specific rules will be available online.

I will be contacting you about attending a mandatory Host Informational.

If you have any questions about hosting or problems with the application contact Kelsey Moore at or (254) 394-0321.

Fill out the bottom section to apply to become a host. BOTH roommates must complete the application AND Child Protection Training. Anyone who may come in contact with the participants is required to do so!!!



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SEAL Conference 2014: Oct. 31st - Nov. 2nd

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